عروس: الجزء الثاني

A while ago I made a post mentioning the first wedding I was attending in Saudi Arabia I was attending as the bride.  I never actually followed up to that post to tell you about my wedding!

My wedding was in Riyadh, so I had to book a flight from Qassim. After work and the flight+long drive from the airport, I was exhausted. I was so relieved when I got to my in-laws house to find that they were very diligently working to finalize the wedding plans. One sister was making gifts for the guests using small birdcages, ribbons, and chocolates. Two of the sisters teamed up to put personalized labels on water bottles. And the eldest sister was very skillfully making flower arrangements and my bridal bouquet. I was so stressed trying to arrange a wedding in a foreign country and it really made me feel like part of the family to see them working so diligently to make my big day special. I seriously couldn’t have put everything together without their help.

The day of the wedding was crazy busy, as expected. But thanks to my in-laws I didn’t have to do anything! They even booked a hair and makeup appointment for me. After I was all made up with copious amounts of eyeliner, the makeup artist told me I officially looked like a Saudi bride.

Look at that Arab eyeliner.

I arrived to the wedding location and was completely blown away. The location was so much more elegant than I ever could have imagined, only made more special by all the hand arranged floral decorations, furniture choices, decor, and so on by my sister-in-laws.


There was an outdoor area with tables surrounded by water. The atmosphere was great, and the weather even better. The indoor area had a stage for my husband and I, and it had sofas and tables for the guests. There was also a lot of space for dancing, which we did a lot of.


Out of respect for my friends and families privacy, I am not going to post pictures of them at the wedding. It doesn’t mean we didn’t have an amazing time though. My wedding was really one of my best days here in KSA, and I am so thankful to have married into a family that loves me enough to sink a lot of time and their own money to make my day absolutely perfect.




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