Madinah 2k15

My students love sending me their vacation photos. And I love sharing them with you.


Part of why I wanted to move to KSA was so that I could have many new experiences. New culture, new people, new language, new food: so, it makes it that much more ironic that the best food I have found here is actually available back home. I finally am forced to face the realization…


Before I came to Saudi, I guess you can say I had some preconceived notions and stereotypes about what to expect. Well, let me just say that my students have really shattered them. They are all so amazing, kind, smart, and unique. Really, each girl has something so special about her. All of them are…

My Favorite Piece

Eventually I’m going to get around to doing a full post on the Dubai Miracle Garden, but until then check this out. This was one of my favorite displays set up in the park.