What happens now?

So as most of you may already know, after many, many all-nighters, nervous breakdowns, and sleepovers at the library, I FINALLY graduated college.


While graduating college is basically the highlight of life this far, I am left with that whole “what happens now?” feeling.  On my graduation day I felt that there were no limits anymore. I’m young, I’m dangerously adventurous, I have finally obtained a piece of paper saying that I am educated so I can do anything. (The next morning I proceeded to wake up, watch Garfield on cartoon network, and stuff my face with a tin of Christmas cookies. ) Realizing that I have a stupid degree, a B.A. in English, Grad school seemed like the best option for me.

All semester long  (well, the past 4 semesters actually) I had a terrible case of senioritis, and so I stalked my account with my university until grades came out to make sure that I did good enough to even get into Grad school. I thought that I was doing pretty awesome my last semeseter despite the senioritis, especially because I had been trying to overcompensate for my grades slipping after my dad’s death.  Since I was expecting several A’s my last semester, you can imagine the shock I experienced when I checked my grades to discover a big, ugly F staring me back in the face. I was double angry because in this once-a-week class, my professor was absent 7 times. I had put together a huge on-campus event for this class that she didn’t even bother showing up to. In an angry rage I stormed off to her office as soon as I saw my grades. I knew that she wouldn’t be there, but I figured I could at least get her office hours from the door. When I got there I was livid to discover that the paper I turned in TWO DAYS BEFORE THE DUE DATE was till in the basket on her office door. (She often let us just turn in papers in the door to avoid having class.) I turned it in before finals week (she was too lazy to even give us a final exam) and since it was still there after graduation, it makes me believe that she wasn’t even in her office for weeks.

There were other papers in her door. I seriously removed them for the purpose of this photo.
There were other papers in her door. I seriously removed them for the purpose of this photo.

Because of the ugly F in this 101 level class, I didn’t graduate. I went to speak with the Dean, who told me to “wait until the middle of February to give everyone time.” Basically I had to sit around and wait for her to respond to one of my many emails. When the  new semester finally started in January, she finally did respond to one of my emails. Her excuse for not contacting me sooner was that she had never received any email from me. I know she was lying because I am smart enough to request read receipts when I send an emails. Finally about three weeks into the new semester everything was changed, and my transcript finally reflected that I graduated. I am still waiting for the  hard copy of my degree in the mail.

I keep asking myself what happens next, so I sat down and looked at some facts of life and devised a plan. I am engaged to a Kuwaiti man. I have a degree in English. Kuwaiti’s are always hiring English teachers.  I have over 40k of student debt I need to start paying off. These things are facts. It seems the wise thing to do would be to get my TESOL, marry my hot fiancee, and take a job in his hometown of Kuwait. It’s no secret that teachers are very underpaid here in USA. (My former classmate just took a second job to supplement her income despite being employed full time at a school.) In Kuwait,  teachers not only make a very live able salary, they are also given a place to live, utility free. Oh, and it gets better. There are absolutely no taxes on anything. Everyone also has two healthcare options- They can visit a public, free doctor , or pay for a private one. Free rent, healthcare, utilities, and no taxes? I’d be a fool to turn that down.

Kuwait is looking better by the minute.
Kuwait is looking better by the minute.

If all goes according to plan, I will be getting my TESOL in May and relocating to Kuwait in time for the next school year. Join me on my journey right here on my blog. I’ll be giving updates on my progress, as well posting little tidbits of information I wish I had known before I went to the Middle East for the first time.

Peace be upon you,



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