Getting ready has been quite the feat. Seriously, I can’t even tell you how many times I decided I was beyond done and just wanted to give up and not even try. Getting this job and getting would have been impossible without help from other people, and I really just want to say a big thank you to everyone who helped me out with it.

To Sylvia, who helped me get my life together when I was at my saddest. For letting me cry on her couch, for giving me good advice and inspiring me to chase my dreams.

To Ghada, who coached me on what to say during my interview.

To Vinay and Taha who were so generous in lending me their Marshall IDs so I could go in the library and print.

To Sal, for answering all my questions about KSA no matter how stupid, and for putting up with me when we spent like 7 hours just running errands trying to get everything together.

To my grandma, for letting me have all my mail sent to her house and for being awesome in general.

To Kristen, for notarizing my documents last minute.

To Saheim, for checking into everything for me and always looking out for me.

To the Al-Qahtanis, potentially my favorite Saudi family, for being great friends and I’m so excited to see you all =D

To Clayton at Atlantic Travel for getting everything approved and ready.

To all my friends that so patiently listened to me complain about how horrible this process has been, and offered constant encouragement.

To the lab tech at my doctors office who had to take my blood at least 4 times because my doctor is a quack and can’t get his practice together. Thank you for your constant kindness even when he yelled at you for no reason.

To Amy for letting me do laundry at her house so I could get everything ready, and then for letting me stay there after I got evicted.

To Rebecca because you really are the best friend ever and I know that you’d stick with me through anything ❤

To Abu because probably I complained to you the most. I swear you’re like my life coach.

To all the friends who have messaged or called me to tell me that they have friends/family/coworkers living in KSA and if I ever need help while there just let them know and they will set me up with them.

To Hazar just cause you’re so awesome and BA and I’ll be excited to see you in Jeddah.

But most of all thank you to my parents because none of this would ever have been possible without you guys.


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