Fashion sense

Saudi Arabia is considered as one of the most conservative countries in the world. There is a dress code, and women wear black abayas, hijabs, and niqabs. The only thing visible on most Saudi Women when they are in public is their eyes.  When they are with other women, however, they are able to wear whatever they want. With that being said, where it is conservative, most women stick with a code of modesty. Long, flowy skirts and dresses are very popular here. Sometimes you can find very classy, elegant gowns. Then you find the cheap, knock off stores, and while you still find the long, flowy gowns, they aren’t exactly elegant…

11938260_10153577756754486_1447818764_n 11920554_10153577756619486_493273194_n

I won’t even try to pretend that my coworker and I didn’t laugh the entire time we were browsing the racks All these dresses were on clearance, rightly so.




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