Eid feast photos.

Eid is to Saudis as Thanksgiving is to Americans- a day to eat, eat, and eat some more. Then eat again. I spent Eid with a Saudi family, and they slaughtered 3 sheep, so we were able to have a bountiful feast. There was a lot of meat to work with, and they worked it well.

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They started by cooking the livers with some peppers, making kebabs, and grilling the ribs. I’m not a fan of liver, but the kebabs and ribs were amazingly delicious.


After the first feast, almost everyone napped because we were exhausted. No one had a decent night sleep the night before, and everyone woke up early. When we woke up from the nap, Sara’s mom started cooking something amazing.


She was really nice and let me see how she was preparing the food. She started by cooking the meat with vegetables, then using the juices for the rice she prepared. It was incredibly delicious.


In a traditional Arabian manner, we all sat in the floor to eat. It was hands down the best thing I have eaten since I arrived in this country. After dinner there was dessert, and I guess I don’t even have to tell you that it was delicious, too. There were trays of chocolates and sheep cupcakes, so in addition to being tasty dessert was super cute.

Eid themed chocolate
Eid themed chocolate
Dessert tray
Dessert tray
The chocolate I took from the dessert tray
The chocolate I took from the dessert tray
Sheep cupcake
Sheep cupcake

My Eid was absolutely perfect, and I really cannot thank Sara’s family enough for having me over. I don’t think my first Eid experience could have been any better!




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