Cooking update

A while ago I mentioned that I was going to try to  learn how to cook. I promised I would give you guys an update as to how it went, and so here it is. The food turned out pretty good actually. I mean I made one curry and absolutely ruined it, but otherwise everything else turned out good. It was nice and spicy, and it wasn’t ugly.

12033706_10153630500309486_2033158207_n 12032435_10153630500129486_740071555_n

Still it’s not perfect, and it isn’t nearly as good as the stuff my friends would feed me back home. But I intend to keep practicing and inshaallah with time I can perfect it.




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  1. Mommy says:

    I hope your friends invite you to dinner when you come back to USA.


  2. Asalamulaykum!!

    I’m a young British law Student hoping to go down the ESL route. Your blog is just incredible! It honestly makes me soooo happy. Not only is your writing style just awesome but the anecdotes of your daily life are really exciting to read. I dream of securing a job in KSA but for now I’m gonna live vicariously through this blog. So this is my plea: PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE UPDATE MORE!!

    Hugs and kisses from England!


    1. Waalaikumasalaam sister! If you are really interested in teaching here in KSA you can send me a resume whenever you are ready to apply and I can give it to my branch manger, or you can apply at

      Best wishes ❤


      1. So i’m fan-girling so hard right now! Never in my wildest dreams did I imagine that you’d reply lol. I’m filling in my CELTA application whilst I type this. The course will be from June to July 2016 so I’ll be ready to start applying for jobs around January 2017 because I should have the right amount of work experience by then Insha’Allah.

        Thank you so much for offering, honestly it feels like somebody finally understands where my mind is right now with all the stress of applying and trying to get my head around all the CELTA/TESOL/TEFL/ESL terminology. I’ll definitely be checking that website out 😀

        I’m so glad you’re back to blogging!

        Much love,
        Zahra xxxxx

        P.S My best friend has just started having a look into teaching in Saudi and is convinced we’ll be meeting you in a few years time haha.


      2. Hahaha that’s so adorable. Of course I’d respond. I’m like a totally normal, friendly person lol. Insha’allah I will still be here when you get here. I plan on staying here a few years. I am planning to get married to a man from Riyadh actually, so I am sure I will be around.
        So like I said whenever you are ready send me a resume and I will walk it over to my project managers home. Same thing goes to your best friend.


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