I don’t.

I know everything in this country is a giant pain, so you would think I wouldn’t be so surprised to find out that the marriage process is difficult. I didn’t realize that it’s senseless. Seriously. It makes no fricking sense.

Dr. Mo went today to talk to someone in one of the courts to see what we need to do to get married.  Of course the Sheik asked obvious things, like my nationality, religion, and so on. Then the ridiculous requests started.

I need someone who knows my family and who knows my family is not Muslim to accompany me. The real kicker? It can’t be a woman.

So, basically, I can’t marry Dr. Mo unless I take a man who claims he knows my family and knows that they aren’t muslim. Which is fine, but I live in KSA and gender segregation is extreme, so where am I supposed to find a man, much less a man that knows my family?  Basically, it ain’t happening.

Dr. Mo told the Sheik how ridiculous he sounded, and how this is mostly impossible. The Sheik’s response? “Allah will help you.”







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  1. linguistmonk says:

    Inshallah you will find someone. The ridiculousness never stops


    1. Inshaallah. We are going to try again next weekend as we had a bit of a run in with the religious police this weekend…


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