January break is coming, and just for fun I thought I would check the price of a plane ticket back to USA. I popped the dates in the website, and nearly choked when I saw the price. I stalked the website for a few days, and tickets continued to be below $900 USD.

I mean I only have a week vacation, but with the weekend it comes to 9 days, and I could take an extra day or two off, so it would work out perfectly. And Dr. Mo could even take off in January, so at that price we could go together.

I kept checking the flights, but since I don’t have a credit card, and my bank card doesn’t work online, I didn’t actually book a flight. But since tickets had been around $800 for so long, I just assumed that the price wouldn’t change drastically.


I was so, so wrong.

Just two days after tickets dropped down to the ultimate low of $770, prices took a sharp increase, and I decided it wasn’t worth paying $4000 for a flight back home. It eventually dropped, to $2250, but it wasn’t worth it to only stay one week.

After being miserably depressed for a few days while my plans died, Dr. Mo and I decided we would go somewhere else. The problem, however, is his passport. You see, even though his mother is Saudi and he is from Saudi Arabia, he isn’t “pure Saudi” and so he doesn’t have the KSA passport. Technically he is Nigerian, as his passport is from Niger. Weird, right?

So, he and I checked a list of places we could go, his passport permitting. We narrowed it down to two places- Hong Kong and Turkey. Hong Kong looked like the ultimate fun destination, however  the flight was a little longer than we had hoped considering we only have a week. There just wouldn’t be time to recover. And while Turkey has a lot of Islamic history, neither of us were thrilled about it.

So basically we decided to go in a totally different direction, and booked tickets to Egypt. Looks like we will be seeing the pyramids in January.





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