Are you dead yet?

Saudi update- still not dead. Didn’t expect to be as Saudi is actually really safe. I already knew that but apparently half of the people I know are worried I’ll be murdered here.
I finally got a laptop charger. That was an experience in itself and is probably worthy of a blog post. It was an exhausting ordeal.
My new job is great. Way better than the old one. I actually feel like I am doing something of value here, and I haven’t slept at my desk once. (In Qassim we could get away with sleeping at work quite frequently. )
Our apartment is lovely. In America it’s mostly students that live on college campuses. But here we instructors live on the campus. They provide singles housing for unmarried people and family housing if you’re married. If you have a lot of kids you can ask to live in a villa that has 4 bedrooms.
Riyadh is HUGE. It is seriously the biggest place I’ve ever lived. It’s really nice because it has a lot of good shops and activities, but the traffic is so bad. So. Bad. The other night we took a wrong turn and sat in traffic for almost 2 hours. I’m sure we will never make that mistake again.
It’s really easy to have a social life here as there are a ton of expats looking for stuff to do and other people to meet. I am going to a luncheon at a compound this weekend with my husband and some coworkers. I don’t know if photography is allowed there as it’s banned on some compounds for privacy and security reasons, so don’t expect to see photos.
Well, I guess that sums everything up for now…



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