Wedded Bliss

I know I promised to upload some content about weddings weeks ago, but still haven’t done it. Please don’t think I’ve forgotten! Moving internationally was very time consuming, and I had some issues getting wifi into my apartment. Now things have settled down a bit so I am hoping to work on my blog more. (I’m actually in the process of learning to edit videos so I can make vlogs.)

I was thinking about my wedding posts today and I was looking at my wedding photos deciding what I wanted to talk about when I ran across one of my favorite wedding photos, taken by my friend Michael Gallimore.

My stepdad promised me he was going to pay for my wedding so Mamdouh and I planned a wedding based on the budget; however, he changed his mind and so we we found ourselves with a very small budget of only $2000. We planned and checked our options. I bought a used dress online and we had our wedding in a facility public park to save money. It wasn’t the wedding I had dreamed of originally but I have to say I am so pleased with how everything turned out.

There is so much pressure to have a perfect t wedding. Wedding culture puts a lot of pressure on us to have a fancy wedding that costs a lot of money and is absolutely perfect. But the reality is that isn’t what makes the day perfect. What makes the day perfect is the joining of two people, with all their friends, family, and loved ones together.




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