Snow City, Riyadh

I’m pretty sure every expat I know has checked google at least once to see “what to do in Riyadh.” Myself and all of my expat friends here are guilty of it. Every time we want to do something here rely on google to tell us stuff to do. That is exactly how we found out about Snow City, Riyadh.



My American friend that I met while working in Qassim  has a vacation this week and I have reduced hours, so she decided to come visit me in Riyadh. We both come from places that have long winters (she more than I since she lived in Colorado for a while) so we both felt like Snow City would be a lot like our natural habitat. I have been to Ski Dubai before so I had some high expectations for Snow City. But of course, like most things in Saudi, I should have went in with no expectations.


Snow City was much smaller than Ski Dubai, which I guess is to be expected. There is not a ski ramp, but there are places to sled and go tubing. Additionally you can ride bumper cars on ice but there is an additional fee. Snow City only opened a few months ago, so I am not sure if some of the attractions there aren’t completed or do not work, but there are some things that are closed and under construction.


There are two straight slopes for tubing, one curvy slope for tubing, and one straight slope for sledding.  Be prepared for a lot of unsupervised children as well as a few minute wait time for each slope. The cost for the basic package is 120 SAR for two hours. It includes rental boots, socks, and coat. Locker access is an additional 10 SAR. If you want to upgrade, you can take the VIP package for 160 SAR. It includes two hours, boots, socks, coat, hat, gloves, and locker rental. An additional hour can be purchased for a reduced price after your two hours have finished, but I don’t imagine anyone staying staying for more than two hours.



If I had to rate it, I would give Snow City Riyadh a 7 out of 10 stars. It is a fun way to spend the evening but it is something you can grow bored of quickly. If you are there during a prayer time the slopes close and that takes away from your two hours. Some attractions are still closed and there is a wait time for the ones that are open. Not all attractions in the area are included in the original ticket price, either. Plus it can be dangerous with all the unsupervised children running around (one ran in front of me as I was tubing downhill. I wouldn’t have been able to stop, so let’s be thankful that a staff member saw and shoved him out of the way in time).  It is however a great way to cool down from the hot weather here, and it’s nice for anyone that misses the winter weather.




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