Bella Roma, Qassim

Qassim, Saudi Arabia isn’t the most exciting place on Earth… In fact, many people would argue that it’s quite boring. I’m not disagreeing with that, but in my time living there I did discover a few nice things. My coworkers and I would sometimes head away from the compound and treat ourselves to a nice dinner. One of our favorite places to go was Bella Roma Italian restaurant.


The restaurant has a nice atmosphere. It’s clean and the staff are helpful and friendly. Everyone has their own small private room with a dining table for maximum privacy. Considering you usually get a booth with a curtain at best, having a small room to yourself feels like a high class dining experience. The menus, installed on Ipads, are all in Arabic. This is a setback if you are not a native speaker but it doesn’t mean you should forgo the Bella Roma experience all together. There are many pictures of the food and the waiters would be very happy to help translate the best they can.


If you go, I recommend ordering the fried mashed potatoes, or any variation of the lamb chops. It’s a nice dining experience in a boring town.






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