Today in class we were discussing the presentations that are coming up next week. We went through lists of requirements and topic choices, picked the order to present in, and talked through any concerns students may have.

“If anyone needs to ask me a question about their presentation, or if you want to show it to me, come to my office and I will check it,” I remind them one last time.

I am about to dismiss class when one of my students raised her hand and asked with a sense of urgency “Teacher, can I please show you something.”

I nod and walk over to her desk as she takes her cell phone out, expecting to see part of her presentation and give feed back. Instead, she shows me the following image and asks “what color are these shoes?”



I told her I see them as black and blue. Half of the class agreed with me, the other half erupted with disagreement. Too bad we are working on personal presentations and not debates…




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