Best hummus in Saudi Arabia

One of the best ways to find out about good restaurants in Riyadh is by word of mouth. It seems like when you eat somewhere that’s delicious, you tell your friends about it. When my husband’s friends told him about a restaurant called Al Kofeia, a Palenstenian restaurant, he really wanted to go. I wasn’t particularly thrilled, but then again I am fat so I love to eat all food.

When we arrived I realized that the restaurant had a very nice outdoor seating section, so I was really happy we picked it. After browsing the menu, we decided that the hummus looked good. It wasn’t just good. It was AMAZING.

I’m serious. It was incredible. I know it’s just an appetizer, but this appetizer is seriously better than the main course (which is also delicious). If you are looking for something new to try in Riyadh, you should give AlKofeia a visit.


If you want to visit, click the map below for directions.





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  1. yeah actually I didn’t like any hummus I tried in Riyadh, so I am guessing need to go to some special place to find it

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