Trial and error

Ramadan this year looks a little different for Mamdouh- it’s his first Ramadan outside of Saudi and away from his family. If you know me you probably already know that I am obsessed with that man, and want nothing more than for him to be happy here even though I know this is probably a difficult adjustment for him. I know he’s probably starting to get really homesick, so I decided to surprise him by making one of his favorite traditional dishes, lugaimat.

The thing is, I have never made it before. I’ve eaten a lot, but never actually cooked it. And I’m not sure what went wrong- I’m really not… but, well, whatever I made definitely wasn’t lugaimat. It was ugly, misshapen lumps that didn’t taste quite right.

This is how lugaimat is supposed to look
And this is how mine looked 😦

I am really not sure what went wrong, but I definitely didn’t do a good job this time around. I guess I will just have to try again and hope the end product is better than whatever fried monstrosity I created this time.




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