As many of you know, it’s Mamdouhs first Ramadan outside of Saudi. He was unsure of what to expect but was definitely stressed because the fasting times are much longer here than there. While they’re breaking their fasts around 6, we’re waiting til closer to 8. I know two hours doesn’t sound like a huge difference, but when you’re so thirsty you want to cry it really feels like an eternity.

One thing I’ve been telling him is that while we fast longer here, it’s so much easier than fasting in Saudi. The minute I step outside in Riyadh I feel like I need to drink 7 bottles of water. The hot, dry climate is brutal, and not being able to reach for my water bottle whenever is torturous. Mamdouh mentioned recently one of his favorite things about here is the climate is incredibly fasting friendly. The weather has been mild- some days we’ve even had rain. The weather lately has been very refreshing. Even though I was fasting, I went to the park today. The weather was windy, and I had such a great time I forgot I was fasting at all. These days truly are a blessing.

Enjoying the windy weather




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