That one time I was almost kicked out of a mosque

Okay guys, I got a story for you. Now, y’all probably know by this point that I LOVE Bahrain. I like that it’s just small and comfortable. You’re never far from the sea. It’s just comfortable, honestly. The malls are nice, the food is delicious, the people are pleasant… I could go on and on….

Camel Appreciation Post

Can we please Just take a minute To appreciate How amazing Camels are?   I mean, look at these guys!!!!   Look how stinking cute and friendly How could you not love them?   Salaam, KC

Candid in Bahrain

If I am being totally honest, things haven’t been¬†*great* since I gave birth to Dahlia. I feel like I am always tired, my air never looks good, I’m obviously a lot fatter, and did I mention I am ALWAYS TIRED?¬† All of these things compounded mean that I am feeling a lot more comfortable behind…

Bird Paradise Bahrain

On my last vacation to Bahrain, I stumbled upon a new favorite place- Alazizia Birds Kingdom. Many of the places I have visited in the MENA region that have animals haven’t really taken good care of the animals (with the exception of NOFA), so I was a bit skeptical about going to the Bird Kingdom…