Bird Paradise Bahrain

On my last vacation to Bahrain, I stumbled upon a new favorite place- Alazizia Birds Kingdom. Many of the places I have visited in the MENA region that have animals haven’t really taken good care of the animals (with the exception of NOFA), so I was a bit skeptical about going to the Bird Kingdom at first.



The birds seemed well-maintained and happy, but then again I am no bird expert. They looked well fed, and the cages were clean. The Bird Kingdom itself is located in a cute park on the sea, so it’s in a very serene location. After living in the desert of Riyadh, it was an incredible change of scenery.

The park even has a small play area for children.

If you wanted to go check out the bird kingdom for yourself, you can find it at Road 5815، Amwaj 257, Bahrain. They are open from 9AM-5PM, and their phone number is +973 1603 0597





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