How did you get your job?

Another FAQ I get is “How did you get your job?” Personally I do feel like this question is a bit silly, cause I got it like any other normal job. I filled out an application, did an interview, and was hired.

I had been applying for jobs in my area, however I couldn’t find anything. I figured that my degree was in English, and since everyone here already speaks English, it’s a useless degree here. I needed to apply where my degree is worthwhile, so I applied abroad. I probably put in 150 job applications with any company I could find doing almost any job that’s even remotely related to my degree. Still nothing.

One day during Ramadan I went to the library one day and put in job applications for several hours. They say that if you make dua’a (prayer) 5 minutes before breaking your fast, you will get whatever you ask for. So before I broke my fast I asked Allah to grant me a job. The next day (Tuesday) a company contacted me asking to set up an Interview. My interview was on a Thursday, so Wednesday I made duaa before breaking my fast that the interview would go well. I had my interview via Skype on Thursday at 11 AM, so that evening before breaking my fast I made dua’a that they liked me and that my interview went well. Friday I was offered the job. The job offer came via email, and just so happened I checked my email while at the laundromat. Good thing I was the only person there, because I was jumping and dancing around and crying tears of joy and trying to call my mom to break the good news all at the same time. It was probably the happiest moment of my life.

So, I guess that I got my job thanks to Allah’s good graces. Really it came as a blessing at a time I needed it most, and it came as the result of many dua’as. Sure, I had to do some things on my own, like many job applications and interviews and job searching, but I couldn’t have done anything without Allah. For He is the best of planners, and his timing is always perfect.

After all, without Allah I am nothing. Alhamdulillah for everything.

Peace be upon you,



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