What documents are required for a visa?

So I have complained a few times about what a pain in the butt it is to get a visa.  Okay, I’ve complained a whole lot. Like way too much.  But what exactly do they need? Here is a copy of the exact check list they sent me.

Required Documents for Saudi Arabian Employment Visa – U.S.

Please include all the documents below in your visa application to Saudi Arabia, check off each item as you have completed it. After all your items have been checked off, combine your documents and the employer documents, and please mail your package to your designated visa agency. Please note that the visa agency is a third party that handles the obtaining of an employment visa, all visa related questions should be directed to the visa agency, all other questions should be directed to Skyline or the employer.

Required Documents

  • Employee Provided

Three (3) original reports of the Saudi medical report form filled out by your physician. (Included in zip file, or found on the Saudi Embassy website)

Three (3) copies of your medical lab and testing results page.

Completed Saudi Employment Visa application form. (Included in zip file, or found on your

Saudi Embassy website)

Recent police report – The Police Report provided must be from the applicant’s local police or state department. It must be the original document, either in a sealed envelope or with a signature and stamp certifying its originality. It cannot be a print out from a website.

Four (4) passport size color pictures with a white background

A passport valid for at least six (6) months, with at least two (2) clear visa pages adjacent to each other.

Money order or cashier’s check payable to “Atlantic Travel”, US: $310.00

All notarized copy of University degrees (all levels of Education obtained i.e. B.A., M.A., PhD.). It must be a clear copy. Do not send original degree.

Sealed Transcripts from your College(s) or Universities you graduated from.

Original certifications, or notarized copies (i.e. TESL, CELTA) (State teaching certs are not required)

Signed and filled out permission letter for Embassy to conduct a check on your academic background (Letter provided by Skyline) You must include your social security number

Sealed letter of method of instruction from the university, that needs to clarify wither the classes were taken online or on campus.

Print verification page for your degree from degreeverify.com

  • Go to www.degreeverify.com
  • Create a new user account.
  • Follow the instructions to verify your degree; there is a small fee that is associated with this, once your verification is complete, they will email you a verification, print this verification page and include in your documents to send to your visa agency.
  • *** Please note, if your College/University is not a participating school on degreeverify.com, than you must get in contact with the registrar office
    at the University and request a letter that verifies your degree. This
    letter must include a contact number and email for the registrar.

(Optional) At least (1) letter of recommendation, preferably geared towards your teaching background.

  • Employer Provided (Employer will mail ALL of these documents to your address)

A reference note showing the number and date of the residence visa issued by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

The original letter indicating the block visa number and date as well as the position and name of the person requested from the company in Saudi Arabia sponsoring the applicant.

The employment contract signed by both the sponsor and the applicant. (Please sign)

(Optional) A release letter from the previous employer in Saudi Arabia, if the applicant has worked in the Kingdom before within the last (3) years.

Okay, so it’s not too terrible. Just time consuming. Especially when things go wrong. Insha’allah I get my visa sooner rather than later and head to my new home.

Peace be  upon you,



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