What caused the delay?

When I signed my job contract I was scheduled to leave July 31st.  Still I am in USA. Why is that?

Because my doctor is irresponsible. One of the requirements to get a visa to KSA is a physical exam including blood work. I sent my information to my employer on June 28th. June 29th they sent me the requirements to get a visa. June 30th I set up an appointment with my doctor to get the physical, and they asked me to come to the Teays Valley office Friday, July 3rd. (He has another office in Kanawha city, which is a longer drive for me.) So I went for my appointment July 3rd, and they told me that it may take additional time to get my lab work back because it was a holiday weekend. My results would be back by the following Tuesday.

The Teays Valley office was open Wednesday so I went to pick up the lab report and physical form. I sat over an hour in the waiting room only to have the receptionist tell me that he couldn’t find my file and would try to get it resent. I saw my doctor leave, and he told me that things are unfinished and he’d get it taken care of, and I should come back another day to pick up the finished copy. I went home and the next day got a call that I should come in that Monday for a redo. I was really irritated but what could I do?

I get there that Monday, my doctor isn’t even there. The receptionist is holding some papers in her hands and insists that it’s my physical results, but refuses to give them to me. I tell her that they are very important and I really need them, and the sooner I get them the better. I’m not going to go into details, but she takes me into a room and pretty much tells me I have a serious illness and that I am going to die. I freak out, but at the same time I don’t believe her because I feel healthy alhamdulillah, and the last time I had gone to the doctor I had a clean bill of health. So the lab tech enters the room and he remembered me from the original physical (I’m one of the only hijabis in the area so everyone remembers me.) and he cannot figure out why I am so upset, but he redoes the labwork anyway. My stepdad is with me and he cannot believe that I have any illness so we go to the hospital to get a second opinion. The next day my doctor texts me and asks  when I’m coming to get my physical results. (We’re real chill and whatsapp one another.) He obviously can tell I am a complete mess and am freaking out, so he calls me and tells me to meet him at his office in 30 minutes. He won’t say anything over the phone cause of hippa laws, but still I’m freaked out. When I get to his office, he is in a super jovial mood and he explains to me that my bloodwork is healthy, and that there was never a reason to worry. One of my results just didn’t come in. No big deal. NO BIG DEAL. YOUR SECRETARY MISDIAGNOSED ME WITH A SERIOUS, LIFE THREATENING ILLNESS AND ALL YOU SAY IS NO BIG DEAL?! I don’t know if I was more relieved or irritated that he had put my family and myself through that. All he had to say about it was “don’t tell anyone, maybe they’ll think you are too sick to work.” What. Ever.

Finally when it was all done I thought I had everything together and could finally breathe when

I couldn’t get in contact with my visa agent. 

The company that hired me assigned me to a visa agent to make the process go smoothly. There were instructions in the packet that said contact him immediately. I did. He didn’t answer. So I called again. Still no answer. I had questions, and they put me through to different agents who didn’t know my situation and who didn’t do a great job of answering. They took my name and number to have him call me back, but he never did. So I kind of did everything on my own according to what the instructions said and hoped for the best.

I made mistakes.

When I finally did hear from the visa agent, he said that he received everything, but had no idea who I was as a client and scolded me for not contacting him. I was upset and told him that I had left him numerous messages, and all he said was “email me next time.” He also informed me that some of my documents printed on two sheets of paper, and the embassy only accepts them on one sheet of paper. That wasn’t a big deal and I was happy to re-fill everything out on one sheet of paper. Except that my physical exam was also on two sheets of paper…. which meant I had to go back to

my doctor, who forgot some of the tests. 

so not only did I have to redo the paperwork, I had to get more lab work. My doctor was pissed that he had to redo stuff, but I was pissed his staff told me I was going to die, so I guess it worked out okay. It took me three trips to his KC office (90 minutes away) before I got everything I needed cause he is not together at all, and still he forgot to stamp the paperwork. I called the office and they told me he didn’t have a stamp, so I needed to get it notarized. They also told me my Dr. had just left town for a week, and didn’t tell anyone. Then the office closed and no one could be contacted. Lucky for me I had a friend visiting town that weekend who was a notary and who knew what a mess I had had with my doctor, so she notarized everything for me. I was so excited to have everything processed, and was a little shocked to find out

the embassy closed for 10 days. 

Eid. It was closed for Eid. From July 17-27. No big deal. I guess it bought me more time to get my life in order, right?

I can’t be too sad though, because the delay did allow me to go to my best friends wedding… Which may I add I officiated. I’ll actually add photos in a different post insha’allah.  This whole ordeal while stressful, did teach me a huge lesson in sabr (patience). Or maybe it didn’t cause I don’t have the sabr to go back and proofread this post. Enjoy my bad grammar.

Peace be upon you,



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  1. jacob says:

    Hey I have a job offer with Al Khaleej but the recruiter said I must send my passport to the UK. is this normal practice?


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