Considering ESL?

I really wanted to get my TESOL or ESL certification, however I couldn’t afford the program easily. Initially I wanted to get my masters degree, but already I have student loans from my undergrad so it just wasn’t an option for me. I checked into getting a certification online, but those run upwards of $500, and I wasn’t really sure which program would offer me the best training.

One of my friends told me about a website called Groupon, which I had previously thought you could only use on goods in certain cities. I quickly found out that you can purchase items on groupon, including courses to get tesol certified. At first I was skeptical, so I tracked the companies that offered these deals to groupon to see if they were legitimate companies.

Most of the companies really are accredited, and if you purchased the course from them directly, you will be paying a small fortune. Before purchasing a course, you can click to learn more and see who offers it. Several different types of courses are offered, and you can choose which one best suits your needs. I know cost is a big deciding factor for anyone who is interested in getting their certification, so I hope that this information helps you with your decision.

If you were interested in getting your tesol, click here. 




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