Today my students asked me “which do you like more, teacher? Riyadh or Qassim.” 

I had to hesitate for a moment because, as much as I like Riyadh, I actually kind of miss living in Qassim. (I know, I never thought I would say that…) As difficult as it was living there sometimes I actually really did have a lot of good times. 

I seriously had too much fun

Riyadh is huge and so crowded. I come from a small town, so that was a big change for me. I really enjoy the nature and more calm environment in Qassim. Not to mention I made really great friendships with some of the people in Qassim… but I guess they can come visit me here. 
But what do I miss most about Qassim? Obviously it’s all the camel farms I’d see anytime I left the compound. 

Don’t tell my husband…

I guess I can’t say I feel homesick for Qassim since it’s not my home, but there are definitely some things about there I will miss. But it will forever be a part of my history and I will always be glad that I had the opportunity to experience life here. 



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