Party in the KSA

“I don’t think I could survive in Saudi. It’s just so boring.” 

Yeah, I hear that ALL. THE. TIME. And they’re right, it is boring. Not dreadfully boring, but obviously not as great as back home is.

What people forget to mention is that Saudi Arabia, like anywhere, can be an absolute blast if you know where to look. This rings especially true if you are an expat worker. Websites like Couchsurfing and Inter Nations provide a place for expats to meet other expats and find out about events.  Some events include movie nights, little black dress parties, dinner parties, camping, and much more. Last weekend my husband and I were lucky enough to be able to attend one of these events, hosted in Fasialiah tower.


While there, we were able to meet a ton of new and lovely individuals from all around the globe. This was also a “no abaya zone” meaning you were free to dress how you wanted. Ladies didn’t have to wear the long black cloak style garment. The restaurant offered us a buffet style dinner, and provided us with unlimited Saudi champagne (my first time trying it btw). The dinner did cost us 105 SAR, or about 28 USD.

Taking full advantage of that no abaya rule.

I really enjoy using these sites and meeting with expats from all around the globe, so I hope I can attend more events in the future and increase my social circle. Of course I will keep you updated if I go to anything else cool!




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  1. keshav singhal says:

    are you a muslim do you believe in drinkimng alchol


    1. Yes I am a muslim, so I do not drink. At the same time, I cannot control what other people do.


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