Hidden Talents

Riyadh’s bespoke community really has some hidden gems.  img_2439-1


With a growing number of festivals and events, you can find a lot of small businesses selling gorgeous handmade goods popping up. It is becoming increasingly common for these shops to advertise their goods through snapchat and instagram. Buyers can text a whatsapp number to place an order. Sellers will often arrange to meet in person, or mail the goods through a courrier sevice like Saudi Post or Aramex. The prices vary depending on size and design.


I personally like to order handmade items to give as gifts. Several of my co-workers have children, and I always take gifts from Amiy Shop. They are handmade from local women, and they offer high quality items that can’t be bought just anywhere. Every experience I have had with Areej and Nouf, the owners, has been great!


To buy from Amiyshop, visit http://www.instagram.com/amiyshop







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