My Obsession

When I lived in Qassim, it was just one giant food fest all the time. While I got to try lots img_0146of new, interesting snacks, one stood out to me more than the others: Rollanti Ronce Rocky Road. I’ll admit, it’s a bit ugly to look at, (so much so that when I took it back to the states, my dad wouldn’t even TRY it!) but it tastes like an absolute dream. It isn’t overly rich, and the texture is perfect.

I had actually forgotten about it for a while after moving from Qassim to Riyadh, but I saw some British rocky road in a local supermarket that sparked my memory, and I set out on a quest to find some. I will admit, it wasn’t an easy task at first as their instagram account is in Arabic and they don’t have a website. My husband texted the number on their IG account and they responded with a list of locations where we could buy a box. The good news is if you don’t want to go out to buy some, they will deliver directly to your home. img_0145


If you are interested in purchasing some Rollanti Ronce rocky road, you can contact them the following ways:


Phone: 0543832927 or 0538552279








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