One thing that shocks most people when they find out that I have lived in Saudi Arabia for 4 years is that I hadn’t made Umrah. Most people make that their number one priority when they arrive here. And while it was definitely a priority of mine, I just never felt the timing was right. When I first arrived, I wasn’t married so no mahram. Then after I got married we had totally conflicting schedules AND lived in different cities. When we finally were able to move in together, I found out I was pregnant. It never felt like the right time.

Until it was. And so, my husband Mamdouh and I finally went for Umrah.

I can't even begin to explain what it is like to make Umrah. It's a really life changing experience. There are so many people gathered from all over the world, and all have the same goal and intention. There is something incredible about watching a grown man moved to tears while in a state of ibaadah. 

The next day I really wanted to go again. I honestly feel like Umrah is one of those things I can do over and over again and never grow tired from. I am already looking forward to my next Umrah, whenever that may be.




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