One thing I learned about living in Saudi is that food plays a central role in everyone’s life here. Every week I collect so many chocolates and candies from students as sweet as the goodies they give me. It is common for my colleagues to knock on my office door with fresh baked goods. Saudis that want to be generous will invite you to their home and offer you a giant feast. Basically, food is very important in the Saudi Culture.

To commemorate the end of a really long and tedious semester, I decided I wanted to return their kindness and buy chocolates for my colleagues. I asked my husband to pick the chocolates up for me because I still don’t drive here. He brought back the cutest chocolates I’ve seen. They are shaped like traditional coffee pots and lanterns, and the inside has a chocolate and coffee creme. I was very pleased with the candy, and I hope my colleagues were as well.




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