I know I am a bit late posting, but what’s new? I’m potentially one of the worst bloggers in history. I’m unorganized, not super creative, bad at handling criticisms, lazy, unmotivated, inconsistent, and the list goes on. But more on that later….


Who am I kidding?


Anyways, this year I found myself in Jeddah for Saudi National Day (yes, I’ve put off posting about it for that long.) Mamdouh had some type of training course called “Ultrasound Bootcamp” and I had an extra day off work. Plus, Dahlia would really enjoy the trip, so we didn’t really have a reason not to go. It seemed like a perfect vacation save for one small detail- I was pregnant.

That’s right, I’m the crazy lady that travels with a toddler while pregnant. And I’m sure some of you are thinking to yourself “what is she complaining about, she had her husband to help with the toddler. ” Except that I made the return trip by myself as my husband still had his course to attend.

While we were in Jeddah we were able to visit an aquarium. It was pretty high on our list because we had Dahlia with us. She loves these types of things. While she was quietly walking around and trying so hard to control her excitement (ha, just kidding. she’s two.) I stopped at a very colorful display. It took me a minute, but I realized there were seahorses swimming around in the tank. As I stood there in awe, soaking up these majestic creatures, I could only think about one thing:

How jealous I was.

In that moment, standing in front of these seahorses with my fat stomach, swollen feet, achy back, in all my miserable pregnancy glory, I realized I was having a serious species envy. You see, male seahorses are the ones that give birth, not the females. How could I not be a bit jealous that my husband gets all the perks of being a parent, but none of the pain?  Only one thing seems fair, and that’s making him get up at night every time the baby cries, but more on that (and our whole trip) later 😉








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