Food Lust

It’s Ramadan, which means there is one major thing  on everyone’s mind these days…



I know most of us, including myself, have been cooking at home a lot more since the COVID outbreak. And, while I am pretty good at cooking, sometimes I really just want to go out and eat something different. Unfortunately, that’s not an option right now.


BUUUUT, if it was an option, I know exactly what I would eat.  I’d devour amazing Turkish food, preferably from Saraya Latif Al Khadiyah. It is probably the best restaurant I have been to in Jeddah.  The hummus was perfect. The mixed grills delicious. The staff was incredibly polite and attentive. They were incredibly polite with my small daughter, who was having a bit of a tantrum that day. The restaurant itself was absolutely gorgeous. And omg, did I mention the FOOD?! So good!



If you were interested in visiting this restaurant, you can find it here





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