Hey everyone! Hope you are enjoying your Ramadan so far.

If there is one food most people in Saudi eat in Ramadan, it is lugaimat. It seems like every dinner I attend in Ramadan is accompanied by a dessert of lugaimat. Sure, you can find it here and there all year long, but it seems to pop-up more frequently during Ramadan. (Kind of like how everyone is eating turkey and cranberries on Thanksgiving, even though they probably don’t eat it very often during the year.)

So, what exactly is lugaimat? It is a small, round dessert made of fried dough covered in a sweet syrup. Some people also like to cover them with sweet cream or nutella. Personally, I think they are perfect plain. If you want to try to make lugaimat at home, click here for a recipe. 

IMG_2273 (1)




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