Outside Learning

If you know me or read my blog often, you probably know that I am an educator… therefore it is only natural that I really stress learning and education with my own children. Dahlia is only 2 and already we have her enrolled in a daycare school. The only problem is she hasn’t been in almost two months due to the COVID outbreak.

For a few weeks we were on a complete lock down with a 24-hour curfew. There was no leaving the apartment. We tried really hard to learn about animals and insects. We learned how to crack eggs and stir ingredients together and bake cakes. The cool thing about kids her age is everything is a learning experience for them. But with that being said, they still need a level of stimulation that being trapped in an apartment non-stop with two lame parents can’t provide.

Recently the curfew was lifted to allow us to go out from 9-5. We were eager to jump at the opportunity to leave. Since there is corona we only go outside for a very small amount of time while practicing social distancing, so there isn’t a lot of opportunity for learning through play.

So one activity I like to do is test my daughters ability to locate things geographically. I pretend I don’t know where the bakala is and let her lead the way. The first time she did seem a bit confused, but now she can navigate her way from the apartment and back without any help. She has also learned how to use the sidewalks, crosswalks, check for cars, etc. I know it sounds like such a small thing, but it really is a useful thing for kids to learn.

What are you doing to keep your kids entertained during this pandemic? Let me know in the comments!








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