Ocean Blue, Jeddah


Every time we go to Jeddah, it seems we end up going to the same restaurant: Ocean Blue. It is an American style restaurant located on the beach and beside the aquarium. Do we go there because the food is delicious? No. Quite frankly the food is mediocre at best…

Some fried macaroni and cheese from Ocean Blue. Not nearly as good as the Cheesecake Factory.

We go there because the location is amazing. You can be seated indoors or outdoors, but we always choose the door seating. The weather is often hot and humid, but there are giant air conditioners available to help keep you cool. The restaurant is fenced in using a glass wall, giving you a clear view of the Red Sea.

Miss Dahlia enjoying her  time at Ocean Blue

The last time we visited was Saudi National Day. We were able to watch an aircraft show while we waited for our table. Even though I’ve lived here for a while, I usually don’t partake in the events for National Day, so this was a first for me.



If you were interested in visiting Ocean Blue, you can find the location here:







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