Salaam everyone!

Today I come bearing a somewhat fun story. It happened a while ago, but I still laugh when I remember it.

On this particular night about two years ago, we found ourselves child-free for the evening as our daughter was visiting her family, meaning we had time to do whatever we wanted My husband is a big fan of buffets (rightfully so- they’re amazing!) and at one point wanted to eat his way through all the buffets in Riyadh, (we are clearly soulmates) which I fully supported. Tired from the workweek, we visited some random buffet near us. I don’t even remember the name of the restaurant. All I remember was it was in an unimpressive hotel, on the 7th floor. I was delighted to find out that, despite being on the 7th floor, the restaurant had a really nice outdoor seating section. 

The outdoor seating section was really nice and spacious. There was a play area for kids, not that we utilized it that night. There was also a chef outside grilling meat. It smelled delicious, so naturally it would attract animals. At one point, a stray cat came and sat in an empty chair at our table. I couldn’t help but laugh.

“Mamdouh, look,” I said to my husband, “there is a cat sitting with us!” I couldn’t control my laughter.

“Okay, there is a cat, what’s so funny about it?” asked Mamdouh.

“We are on the 7th floor.”





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