Halfway there

Last year I tried to incorporate as much media as I could find about Ramadan since it was the kids first Ramadan outside of KSA. One favorite we found was Ramadan Moon by Yusuf Islam which says “Now it’s time again for Eid, Ramadan ran with speed.” I feel that so hard. I cannot believe it’s more than halfway over. I feel like it just started a few days ago and now we are more than halfway done.

Honestly it’s been a very chaotic one. I started the month battling a respiratory illness that lasted for over 2 weeks. My mom had pneumonia. Mamdouh took some time off work to devote to his studies, but ended up getting sick. My eldest caught the stomach virus and vomited on every surface of our home. While cleaning it up I also contracted it. Last week I had a root canal and it seems to have failed so I am going to have to go back next week for a follow up because I have been in the worst pain I’ve ever had in my life. And all this is while we still have class, work, clinicals, exams, etc. It’s just a chaotic time. Alhamdulillah. I just embrace it because, well, what else can I do?

One of Mamdouh’s colleagues is heavily pregnant and will be leaving her job soon, so they had a goodbye party for her. He felt a little weird because it was potluck style but he was fasting, but he explained that to them. Regardless he wanted to participate and was a little excited to share some of his culture with them. He woke up early to prepare Arabic coffee to take in, and he asked me to make some warag eneb the night before. I did laugh a little that me, the American, is the one making the Arab cuisine, but how could I tell him no? He was so excited. I was happy that everyone liked them, too, cause only one of his colleague knew what they were.

I hope the rest of your Ramadan is productive and peaceful.




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