Throwback Thursday: Saudi Surprise

When Mamdouh and I first got married, we took a short trip to Egypt. It was the first time we had visited, so we wanted to see and do everything. We booked a boat cruise on the Nile River. Mamdouh was excited because the boat we were on had the Saudi flag.

Throwback Thursday

Hey guys! It’s Thursday, and you know what that means…   THROWBACK THURSDAY TIME! Here is a photo of some gorgeous flowers I saw when we were at the Franklin Park Conservatory in Columbus, Ohio last summer. The weather was perfect that day, and the flowers were gorgeous.   Salaam, KC

Throwback Thursday

It isn’t hard to see that I am terrible at keeping my blog and social media up to date. I have so much cool content that I want to share with you guys, but I have a terrible habit of just uploading the images to my media files and then never doing anything with it….

Thai Wonderlust

When I was 22, I had the privilege of spending a month in Thailand. It was an experience that I thought I’d remember forever, and I will, just not as vividly as I would like. I remember some of the big things I did- went to Phuket Phantasea, saw elephants, went kayaking in caves, was…

Columbus Zoo

While my blog is primarily dedicated to my life here in the MENA region, specifically Saudi Arabia where I live, I do frequently travel. I don’t always post about my travels outside KSA because I don’t want to detract away from the main focus of my blog, but this one is too freaking cool not…

Social Distancing

Being a rather socially awkward adult, I am actually not having a problem with social distancing during this pandemic. I have my family at home with me, I see some of my friends on animal crossing, and I use facebook and whatsapp to talk to everyone else. My daughter, however, is having a more difficult…


I know I am a bit late posting, but what’s new? I’m potentially one of the worst bloggers in history. I’m unorganized, not super creative, bad at handling criticisms, lazy, unmotivated, inconsistent, and the list goes on. But more on that later….   Who am I kidding?   Anyways, this year I found myself in…