Thai Wonderlust

When I was 22, I had the privilege of spending a month in Thailand. It was an experience that I thought I’d remember forever, and I will, just not as vividly as I would like. I remember some of the big things I did- went to Phuket Phantasea, saw elephants, went kayaking in caves, was perpetually food poisoned, but I don’t remember a lot of the small details. The more years that pass, the more the trip becomes like a blurry image- I can tell you where it was at, but I can’t make out the fine details.

I do remember how blue the ocean was, how warm the locals were, how serene the scenery was. I want to go back, and experience it all again. I want to see the world in its entirety, so I try not to go to the same place more than once, but I don’t think I can resist Thailand round two.







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