Today I don’t have much to say honestly.  There isn’t a lot going on due to COVID. I recently went to an secret funeral for a friends sister, so that’s that. We all live in the same housing complex so it was easy to sneak over and give my condolences. She’s shattered, even more so by the fact that she can’t go home and be with her family.

Riyadh has been pretty empty since the COVID outbreak. I mostly stay home, but the few times I have been out, it’s been pretty dead. Not many cars on the road, not many people  out and about. It’s just an empty city.

But the good thing is it’s Ramadan. Streets are empty, restaurants are empty, shopping malls are empty, but our hearts are full. Our souls are fulfilled. This emptiness means that there is not a lot of distractions from our ibaadah. While the city is empty our homes are full of love and family and prayer.


It seems the emptiness can be fulfilling.


May Allah (swt) protect all of us against coronavirus, and help heal those suffering.







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