Ramadan Reads

Asalaamalaikum everyone!


I hope you are having a great Ramadan thus far. I wanted to drop a quick line to share some of my favorite Ramadan related books for children.

The  first one is called Ramadan (Celebrate the World). It has some of the most gorgeous illustrations I have seen! It also does a nice job of showing Ramadan in various cultures around the world.

The second one is called “It’s Ramadan.” The  illustrations are not as nice as the first book, but it has a bit more text and explanations. Plus, the entire book rhymes, so it is pleasant to read.

You can purchase the books from Jarir bookstore, or you can order them by clicking the links below.

Ramadan (Celebrate the World)

It’s Ramadan

I hope you enjoy the rest of your Ramadan, and have a wonderful Eid!






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