Ramadan Activity Kit


If you read my blog regularly, you probably already know about some of the books I bought for my daughter this Ramadan. Those books, however, pale in comparison to the Ramadan activity kit I ordered, which is pretty much the holy grail of Ramadan entertainment for children.

I ordered an activity kit from the company Little Packs of Prayer. I saw a photo of their items and sent a message to the company instagram account. They referred me to Mumzworld.com. I didn’t have a great experience shopping with Mumzworld, but I am really happy with the products I ordered in the end.  If you are wondering why I am posting about the activity kit towards the end of Ramadan, it’s because despite ordering it a month ago, it literally just arrived.



The activity kit is shaped like a dollhouse, and the inside has designs to make it look like a house. It’s a really nice and creative packaging. The artwork is stunning and ethereal- a dream like fantasy world. All the characters seem so happy and warm. There are so many activities packed inside the house that will keep children entertained for hours on end. One  thing I wish I had thought about would be tape and glue. If you purchase this kit, I do recommend having  a hot glue gun with some extra glue sticks and a roll of tape on hand. Otherwise it will be difficult to complete some of the projects.



What’s featured in the kit.



If you were interested in purchasing the kit from the MENA region, please click here. 

If you were interested in purchasing the kit from USA or Canada, please click here.

To view the Little Packs of Prayer website, please click here. 

To read about the other books Ramadan mentioned in the video, please click here. 






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