Today I don’t have much to say honestly.  There isn’t a lot going on due to COVID. I recently went to an secret funeral for a friends sister, so that’s that. We all live in the same housing complex so it was easy to sneak over and give my condolences. She’s shattered, even more so…


One thing that shocks most people when they find out that I have lived in Saudi Arabia for 4 years is that I hadn’t made Umrah. Most people make that their number one priority when they arrive here. And while it was definitely a priority of mine, I just never felt the timing was right….

What no one tells you about being an expat

When I was still new a co-worker invited me to an event under the notion that I wasn’t Muslim. As soon as she realized I was Muslim she basically gave me the ultimatum of taking my hijab off (not that eloquently- she told me to ask my husband if I could take it off, as if its his decision) or not coming at all. Clearly I chose the latter.

Marriage Mayhem

Saturday evening  I took an overpriced taxi to the airport so I could head to Riyadh. The man working at the counter recognized who I was  while I was wearing a niqab before even checking my ID, which was a neat experience. In reality he probably only reconized me because I don’t speak a single…


This is part two of a two part post detailing my weekend in Riyadh. If  you want to read part one click here.  As soon as I saw them, I immediately recognized them as motawah. They have long beards, short dishdashas, and the face of a bastard with an angry snarl that never quite goes away….

How did you get your job?

Another FAQ I get is “How did you get your job?” Personally I do feel like this question is a bit silly, cause I got it like any other normal job. I filled out an application, did an interview, and was hired. I had been applying for jobs in my area, however I couldn’t find…