Nothing New

So we are currently on what feels like day 93034 of quarantine, although I know I am being a bit dramatic. To be fair though, I haven’t been to work since December as I was heavily pregnant, so it feels a lot longer than it has been. It’s Ramadan, which I’m sure is no surprise….


One thing that shocks most people when they find out that I have lived in Saudi Arabia for 4 years is that I hadn’t made Umrah. Most people make that their number one priority when they arrive here. And while it was definitely a priority of mine, I just never felt the timing was right….

What no one tells you about being an expat

When I was still new a co-worker invited me to an event under the notion that I wasn’t Muslim. As soon as she realized I was Muslim she basically gave me the ultimatum of taking my hijab off (not that eloquently- she told me to ask my husband if I could take it off, as if its his decision) or not coming at all. Clearly I chose the latter.

What’s really under the abaya?

If you ask anyone to describe what a Saudi woman wears, most likely they will say a long, black garment. Technically, that answer is correct. Saudi women are required to wear an abaya, or robe-like garment when they are in public. With that being said, just because women wear abayas in public, doesn’t mean that they aren’t…

Why do you blog?

Recently I received a message from a former professor I had in my undergraduate career at Marshall University. He informed me that he would be teaching a class in the spring semester focusing on blogging and other forms of social media, and asked me to write a few words about what I do and why…

Oppressed or Overdressed: Fashionable abayas

Saudi Arabia in the past was a very common place to see women dressed in all black everything, from head to toe, revealing only their eyes. Some places of Saudi Arabia still have strict cultural norms requiring women to wear the niqab (think piece of fabric covering the face) to feel comfortable. However, now that…


It’s so crazy to think I called off work, flew to Riyadh, and eloped one year ago.  Here’s hoping to a lifetime more.        

Arabian hospitality 

There are so many negative stereotypes regarding the Arab culture, one nasty one being “they’ll kill you over there.” In my experience, it’s actually quite the opposite. People are very excited to find out I am American, and often want to get to know me better. I honestly believe that Americans here get treated with…

Everything is temporary

While I am waiting on my visa to arrive, I feel like everything is so temporary. I can’t make any solid, long term plans because I don’t know how long I have until I return back to KSA. The other day there was a really great sale on chicken at the grocery store and I…

Sassin’ the Sheik

So, if you didn’t read part one, maybe head on over and do so before you read this post. M had left to find the other sheik he had spoken two. He had made two separate trips to the courthouse to speak to this man about our marriage, and he had agreed to marry us….

Marriage Mayhem

Saturday evening  I took an overpriced taxi to the airport so I could head to Riyadh. The man working at the counter recognized who I was  while I was wearing a niqab before even checking my ID, which was a neat experience. In reality he probably only reconized me because I don’t speak a single…